UPDATE, 22 October 2008

David and Chiva are taking a break from the Tour de Dog but are sure to plan another ride in the near future. A sincere thank you to all of you who helped David and Chiva in countless ways. The Tour de Dog would not be possible without your support. THANK YOU!

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Tour de Dog is past states: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ontario, and New York.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Ripple Effect

Do you remember Great Grandma Stump from Gold Beach, Oregon? Great Grandma Stump has been a tremendous supporter of the Tour de Dog and often checks in with Chiva and me.

Just recently, Grandma Stump informed me that she had donated money to her local Curry County Animal Shelter in honor of the Tour de Dog. She wants her donation to go towards spaying or neutering feral cats to decrease the number that have to be euthanized.

Please remember that because of pet overpopulation, it is estimated that 3 to 4 million cats and dogs are euthanized by shelters each year in the United States. My goal is to eliminate this tragic statistic. It does not have to be this way, and we as humans are responsible to change it.


Anonymous said...

I so applaud what you are doing, raising awareness for animal rights and welfare but is it okay to displace your dog like that. Did you check with a vet first to make sure he'd be okay to travel so much outdoors? If you had a car I'd be less worried. Thank you. Sandy.

Chiva and David Sylvester said...

Hello Sandy,

I appreciate your comment and concern. With a trip like the Tour de Dog, Chiva's overall health is my number one priority. I would not be doing it if I felt like she was not having a good time or that it was unhealthy. My vet in Seattle is watching the trek, and I have stopped at other vets along the way for check-ups. Her weight remains steady, and she is as strong and lean as ever. Although she likes to take naps just like me, overall she is doing excellent.

Even though our surroundings are constantly changing, Chiva knows I will take good care of her. I will provide her with ample food, water, breaks, exercise, sleep, and only love and affection. We have bonded incredibly during this trip, and she is always at my side. It is my responsibilty to keep her safe and look after her.

I would be lying if I said there are no risks in canine cycling. It is not for every dog or person. However, using a bicycle and dog trailer is what makes this experience so special.

Chiva definitely enjoys riding in the DoggyRide Trailer, and I would never leave her behind. I always welcome people to come watch or follow us in action if they want to see for themselves how she does.


Michael Schrepfer said...

Hi David,

Just wanted to say a quick hello Seattle! I can't believe you've offically taken your tour international. Amazing!!! I think of you and Chiva often. Travel safe and keep enjoying life...