UPDATE, 22 October 2008

David and Chiva are taking a break from the Tour de Dog but are sure to plan another ride in the near future. A sincere thank you to all of you who helped David and Chiva in countless ways. The Tour de Dog would not be possible without your support. THANK YOU!

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

A New Job and Life

Starting this past week, I am no longer a vaccine scientist. Although it may appear like early retirement, my days are even busier finalizing the details of this trip. My new job is solely to prepare Chiva and myself for the rapidly approaching trek. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night, tense and unable to relax. An array of thoughts and emotions are constantly swimming in my head. Adrenaline rushes have started and are sure to intensify. It is such a wonderful feeling. My human spirit is ALIVE, and I absolutely treasure it. Life is either a bold adventure or nothing at all, right? Time to live it up! Who is with me?

Almost everyday now it seems like a new person or company wants to assist Chiva and me. Without the generous help and support of others, the trek would only be an idea confined to the inner depths of my head. Thank you again to all who are helping with this expedition.

Paula Bock, a Seattle Time’s reporter, was kind enough to interview me. She plans to feature the trek in the paper’s Sunday magazine “portrait” section. Throughout our conversation, I highlighted my need to do the expedition as well as what I hope to get out of it. Here are just a few things I associate with this journey:

-Living a dynamic and active lifestyle with a canine companion
-Exploring the most remote, wild and scenic places in this country
-Establishing a deeper connection with nature
-Giving back to abused canines as well as the environment
-Encouraging people to go after their biggest dreams
-Teaching others to enjoy the outdoors in a responsible and safe manner (and simply exciting them to utilize the outdoors!)
-Building new friendships and learning from other people

Now I am on a plane flying to Birmingham, Alabama, to take a timeout to see my parents (visiting from Delaware), my two grandmothers, and other relatives. My hope is to get some inspirational quotes and advice and at the same time convince them I am not crazy. Easier said than done though with this crowd!

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