UPDATE, 22 October 2008

David and Chiva are taking a break from the Tour de Dog but are sure to plan another ride in the near future. A sincere thank you to all of you who helped David and Chiva in countless ways. The Tour de Dog would not be possible without your support. THANK YOU!

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Marvelous Mount Hood

The last few days have seen Chiva and me enjoying the Oregonian life. After spending a day in the town of Hood River, it was off to Mount Hood to take advantage of the great climbing conditions. Although we fell short of the actual summit by 200 vertical feet, it was a spectacular climb that was shared with eight human friends and two other dogs.

Snow-covered Mount Hood early Saturday morning

A technical ice wall and a bottleneck of climbers eventually prevented our passage to the summit. The risks were too high, so I led my still lively pup back down the mountain. Frustration was alleviated by the fact Chiva and I had already bagged Hood back in August of 2006.

Here are some pictures from the climb:

A concern was a climber could slip and fall here at the Pearly Gates and take Chiva and me with him

Beautiful upper volcano scenery with a blue-sky backdrop

Chiva made a new friend: Badger

Chiva surverying the surroundings

Badger, Chiva, Niki, Angela, me, and Todd on the Hogsback

More of Chiva taking in the scenery

Frozen vegetation near Timberline Lodge (ele. 6,200 ft.)

More pictures and stories from Hood River, Easter, and Portland to come!


Anonymous said...

These are great pictures & it looks like the weather was beautiful! Can't wait for the next installment . . .

Liz D.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Trip Report on the Mt. Hood climb. Hope that everything goes well on the rest of the adventure. Now that I've found the blog, I'm definitely going to ride along virtually. Congratualtions on a nicely-designed blog that's fun to follow.
...I'm going to go back into my cubicle now, and wish that I had the courage to join you... :)

John Cain

Gemini Babe said...

Amazing and beautiful pictures!!! I can't wait for more photos and updates! I'm so happy for you, keep living it up!!!

Marie Miranda

Anonymous said...

It's great to see you and Chiva are doing so well! Nice job and beautiful pics. Keep up the good work. Micah and I can't wait to hear to the stories...


Steve Shay said...

David, Good job! Thanks for sharing your experience via these photos. Somehow I was comforted to see him with another pup. Chive rocks! Steve

tiffany said...

Awesome photos!! So exciting!! Keep the photos comin! I cant wait to catch up with your guys in San Francisco hopefully! :-)
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

YOU DA MAN! Looks like you and Chiva are having a great adventure. Keep us updated on your shenanigans.


Susana said...

David, hi! I'm Susi, Moni's friend, from Colombia. I was just looking at these pictures and can't help but feel envious... what a great experience and way to really live life. Mendo and I wish you the best of luck, and hope you enjoy every single second of it!! the pictures are incredible, and Chiva seems to be so happy! If you pass by Boston or North Carolina after this summer (we still haven't decided where to go), shoot us an e-mail so that we get together.


Tommy said...

Looks like you're cruising down through Oregon now. Living the dream man.

Here's a few more pictures from the trip with Chiva and her human:

Anonymous said...

I look forward to visiting your website every day or two, it is so much fun to watch your progress. Thirty five years ago I planned a cross country bicycle ride but made it as far as 20 miles into my first training ride before deciding a car was best for me! I admire what you are doing. Bob from Ballard

Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

Fabulous photos! I'm so glad to know you made it safely to the Hilton. When will you be in Bend? The snow was horrid this week, hopefully better next week. Glad to know Chiva is making new friends, Badger is a sweetie.


Julie Anderson