UPDATE, 22 October 2008

David and Chiva are taking a break from the Tour de Dog but are sure to plan another ride in the near future. A sincere thank you to all of you who helped David and Chiva in countless ways. The Tour de Dog would not be possible without your support. THANK YOU!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Mount Hood Climb Saturday

Chiva and I will attempt to climb this volcano Saturday

Tour de Dog continued yesterday from Goldendale along the raging Klickitat River to its outlet into the Columbia River. 13 additional miles of pedaling West in the gorge got us to the endpoint of the day: Hood River, OR.
After Satus Pass on Wednesday, this predominately downhill stretch was much appreciated. A fierce headwind in the gorge reminded me as to why this area is home to world-class kite and windsurfing.
Once we reached White Salmon on the Washington side of the river, a sign notified and warned me that pedestrians and cyclists are not permitted to cross the bridge into Oregon. I debated making a run for it but ultimately hopped into the bed of a crossing pickup truck.

With good weather expected Saturday, my attention is focused on climbing Mount Hood. My plan is to get a ride to Government Camp today, near the base of Oregon’s high elevation point, and make a summit attempt early tomorrow morning. Several friends will also be doing the climb.

Here are a few photos from yesterday:

Chiva with some other mammals

A nice little river canyon town

I downed a quart of chocolate milk, a banana, and a big bag of fritos at this market

The wild and scenic Klickitat River

Should I have gone for it?

I took this route


Tiffany said...

Looks like quite the adventure yesterday! :-)
Keep it up!
You Rock!!

Mark said...

Hey David...Great pictures! I look forward to following you in your adventure on your blog. Good Luck!

Tracy F said...


Thanks for the posts and pictures, they are great fun to check out and see what you are up to. Your friends in 2N are tracking you with excitement!